Summer Fitness Tips

from Tracey Mallett

Here are some of my "BEST" tips to get you back on track with your workouts:


Best way to get out the door when you feel like sleeping in - Have an exercise buddy. There’s nothing worse than standing up your friend.

Best “don’t have time” excuse buster - I don’t have a spare minute to exercise but can always find 20 minutes a day to go to Starbucks. Solution: get a coffee machine and put your tennis shoes on instead you can do a lot in 20 minutes!!

Best timesaving tip - Work multiple muscle groups together. For example when working your legs, co-ordinate the upper body to perform arm work. Not only will you save time but you’ll be burning more calories. More muscles working require more energy to function.

Best way to work your abs - Release the glutes and hamstrings when doing a crunch. These muscles are usually stronger than the abs and will assist in the crunch making the classic sit up not so effective. Also, by adding an exhale and pulling in the abdominals on the upward phase will cause your deep abdominal muscles (transverse abdominals) to kick in and create a stronger intense contraction. Don’t forget to slow it down and stop using momentum; quality verses quantity is so important when working the abdominals.

Regular abdominal work will promote good posture decreasing the chance of back and shoulder problems.

Best balanced fuel-up snack - Apple with a teaspoon of almond butter

Best injury prevention tip - Always stretch your hamstrings, IT band, glutes and calves after any kind of cardio for at least 45 seconds each muscles group. This will help prevent knee, lower back pain and achilles tendonitis.

Best way to get back into the routine after a layoff - Take your gym clothes to work so you have no excuse to go home and get them. Plan your workouts in to your routine, just like you would schedule a manicure. Now you wouldn’t miss that, would you?

Best way to work out at home when you don’t have any equipment - Use your stairs for a great cardio workout by running/walking up and down the whole flight of stairs. Combine this with some basic calisthenics like push-ups and lunges. Water bottles create great resistance for strength training.