Kick The Bad Habits

 by Tracey Mallett 


Experts believe its takes 18-21 days to break a habit and usually about the same time for most people to finally take action. We all start with good intentions, but then we procrastinate until finally most of us give-up. So don’t be a procrastinator this year but a DOER!!


Bad habit #1: Not Getting Enough Sleep

Life gets increasingly busy with work, kids, family and time just seems to run away from you. So what better way to keep up with those deadlines, but by going to bed late to catch up. Unfortunately, I’m one of these people, and I should know better!


The down side is that it doesn’t help you to be any more productive. Studies show that sleep deprivation can reduce brain performance, memory, co-ordination, the Super-Fit Mama multi-tasking abilities and it also makes you eat up to 32 percent more food to keep you going.  


How to kick the habit

Try and set a time that you go to sleep on a regular basis, so that your body clock will naturally put you to sleep. Turn the computer off an hour before you go to bed which gives your brain time to unwind. Turn off all the lights, the darker the room the quicker you will go to sleep.


Bad habit #2: Not Exercising

Now who wants to keep the pounds piling on? Well, I love the old saying “Move to Lose.”  But there are other benefits of regular exercise, such as improved flexibility, balance, coordination and muscle mass, and a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. Exercise is also one of the best ways to manage stress and boost your mood because it causes the brain to produce feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins.


How to kick it

Set plan of action and write it down, put one foot in front of another and off you go! Walking is so easy; you don’t even have to join a fancy gym. Start your own fitness walking club with your pals. This will motivate you to keep going as you’re now accountable to them not just yourself. Create yourself a home gym with cheap fitness accessories like a ball, skipping rope, dumbbells or bands. Workout to your favorite DVD and have your own personal trainer in your living room. This way there’s no excuse not to exercise--even if the weathers bad!


Bad habit #3: Eating rubbish

Eating poorly goes way beyond trying to be skinny but is also about your health and longevity. Diet is not a bad four letter work but the way you choose to respect your body and protect it from disease. You’re truly are what you just ate, which is pretty disgusting if you’re living on fast or over-processed food, and haven’t eaten a vegetable in months.


The chances are you will start to age well before your years and gone were the days when you had a sparkle in your eye and shinny hair. Not to mention any energy and nutrient deficiencies that put you at risk for heart disease and cancer.


How to kick it:

Always eat breakfast with an abundance of fruits to load your body with disease-fighting antioxidants protecting yourself from nasty germs. Try a bowl of hot steel cut oatmeal served with a berry of your choice. Not only will this give you a balanced meal of vitamins and nutrients, but the fiber will keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time.


Jot everything down you eat (including your kids left over chicken nuggets—yes, they do count!) you will be really surprised where you’re adding unnecessary calories. Don’t starve yourself, you will end up eating more food, trust me it doesn’t work and you’ll have no energy to exercise. Your muscles need protein to grow and look sculpted. Who wants to look skinny and flabby?


So come-on guys it’s time to kick the bad habits and get inspired to MOVE to LOSE!